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Latest News

Prized gift of sight

12 September 2014

Thirty-four year old Stacey Waldron sits beside her husband on a park bench in an Alexandra park.



Thanks for saving my life

19 August 2014

At the time, Melanie White was too young to understand how her fight for survival inspired a whole community.



Ezra's greatest gift - his organs for other children

14 August 2014

Heart valves from a 3-year-old boy who died in a river just 200m from his home will save the lives of up to three other infants.



Wellington drivers more likely to donate organs

21 July 2014

People from Wellington and Queenstown are more likely to indicate "yes" to organ donation on their driving licences, while those in Wairoa and Kawerau will probably say "no".



Transplant patients grab at chance to live a full life

24 June 2014

Alan Power doesn't plan on putting his tennis rackets or golf clubs down any time soon.



Sue's Story

Having lived almost her entire life with a heart condition, Christchurch-based Sue Kobar nearly cried when her heart surgeon told her that - for the first time - her heart sounded normal.