Welcome to the Organ Donation New Zealand website

Our website has been designed to provide you with information about organ and tissue donation in New Zealand and to answer any questions you might have.

We invite you to look through our website and should you require additional information or would like to talk with someone about donation, please contact us.

We would then encourage you to talk with your family about donation.

Read personal stories about organ donation and transplantation here.

Guiding principles for Organ Donation New Zealand

  • Every opportunity for deceased organ donation should be recognised by ICU staff and every family should have donation discussed with them by a health care professional with compassion, respect and appropriate knowledge and skill.

  • The process of organ donation must accord with good medical practice, ethical standards, and the law. The Human Tissue Act (2008) requires consent before organs or tissue may be removed from a deceased person for transplantation.

  • Donation should be discussed with all families irrespective of whether the word 'donor' is on the driver licence. 

  • The family’s decision about donation should always be respected; all donors come out of human tragedy and donation by the family is voluntary

Key facts on the work of Organ Donation New Zealand

  • ODNZ is responsible for all deceased organ donation in New Zealand. It is not responsible for live donation, transplantation or organ allocation.

  • ODNZ is focused on the 24 public hospital intensive care units because that is where deceased organ donors and their families are.


Latest News

ODNZ responds to Israel priority system claim

15 June 2015

Organ Donation New Zealand (ODNZ) has responded to claims by Dr Eric Crampton about Israel’s priority system for organ donation.



'We live forever grateful to her donor'

12 May 2015

'We live forever grateful to her donor': TVNZ Facebook readers open up over organ donation wishes story



Honey’s a little battler

27 March 2015

Ngatokorua Kiria-Joseph, also known as Honey, has overcome the leukaemia she was diagnosed with at just eight months old.



Couple's big walk carries a message

09 March 2015

At the end of a 10-hour day walking in some of the most remote parts of the country, all Ros Cole-Baker wanted to see was her husband Hugh.



Organ Donation New Zealand release Annual Report

23 February 2015

Latest figures show organ donation and transplantation increased in New Zealand in 2014.



Tracy's Story

My name is Tracy Holmes and I was the first New Zealander to have a liver transplant.