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Our logo

Organ donation - the gift of life

Our logo of the interlacing circles is a metaphor for the three key participants in the organ donor story - the donor, the family of the donor and the recipient.

The 'life circles' indicate the connection all three participants have with each other - the donor's gift of an organ, the family who gave permission for this process to occur in a time of incredible emotional stress, and the recipient who receives the organ because of this generosity.


It is an emotional time for all concerned, and they will be linked through this intimate process forever. Yet the donor/family never meet the recipient - or know each other's identities, hence the life circles never quite meet.

The stylized strokes of the three circle elements also represent the cycles of all things living - that there is a beginning and an end, and in the context of organ donation life can be renewed from the ending of another.

Through death comes the gift of life.



Ayla’s Story

Everything around it was unbelievably terrible but that particular decision wasn'€™t terrible. All I thought about was this is what she would have wanted and took a bit of comfort in that.